Services in detail


    1. All-around PR:

      • external PR: corporate-, product-, brand- and target group-PR
            • Extensive media relations
            • Targeted mobile promotion: Right message to the right buyer at the right moment
            • Article agency activity
            • Press activity
            • Designing, writing and printing publications, leaflets, brochures
            • Strategic consultation
            • Media trainings
            • Fashion marketing
            • Providing star presenters, VIP keynote speakers, celebrities and entertainers for events. Owing to our personal connections we provide the best stars.
            • Crisis communication
            • Change communication
            • Targeted mobile promotion
            • EU communication
      • internal PR
            • Communication among the management and the employees
            • Managing the information flow between the divisions
            • Writing internal newsletters and publications
            • Media training
            • Image film

    2. Event PR (with special emphasis on big events)

      • Orgainising press conferences, press breakfasts, round table talks, conferences, road shows, sports programmes, VIP parties, gala dinners, business forums, open days, charity events
      • Marketing events for sales promotion
      • Company events such as Christmas and New Year’s Parties, company presentations

    3. Advertising

        • Image design and redesign
        • Copywriting, editing and designing leaflets, flyers and broschures
        • Website design and redesign
        • Organizing media and billboard campaigns

We help you find the way of communication with your target groups.
Because the formation and establishment of a consistent image not only makes you more recognisable to a broader group, but also leads to more credibility and trust. Trust determines success and failure in the business world. PR is a means of building trust.
PResston PR considers communication as a complete package. Our scope of services ranges from the development of your specific press activity plan through the preparation of presentations, brochures and newsletters all the way to the design of your web site.  

We consider the media as a target group along our campaigns and events. PResston PR maintains good and personal relationship with the representatives of the printed and electronic press, therefore, we regularly inform the journalists about our clinets’ events and newsworthy occurrences. We prepare PR articles, interviews with the involvment of the expert journalist of a certain field, along which we position the company and its leader, organise press breakfasts, press conferences, and within our media monitoring activity we monitor and analyse the issued articles about your business.
Strategic communication consultation
Our strategic communciation consultation provides you with continuous consuelling with you in mind.


Targeted mobile promotion: Right message to the right buyer at the right moment

Mobile marketing uses the mobile phone as a communication tool to reach the client, primarily in the form of SMS or MMS. The mobile coupon and mobile promotion service of enables you to advertise your products or services directly to your clients, immediately, without any waiting, wherever your clients currently are.

Why is this communication channel more efficient than the others?

  • Mobile phone campaigns are the most successful and their effectiveness can be measured most exactly. Besides that they can ensure a buy rate of 5-30% according to experiences.
  • In case of SMS/MMS the message is direct; it can be personalized and sent to the clients quickly.
  • The mobile phone is the only medium that the clients don't share with others; they always keep it with them.

We provide all the tools using which you can plan, send and monitor your mobile marketing campaign with the help of a web application, starting from client registration to the measurement of the response rate.

Personalized messages: Your client is buying from you each month but he/she didn't come in the given month? Send a discount that is interesting for him/her and he/she will surely return. Our system makes your mobile marketing campaigns more efficient every day by analyzing the client data, the buying habits and the results of previous campaigns.

Fashion marketing is a part of the sales strategy, which helps the advertising of a fashion brand, along which we prepare the communicatiuon strategy, organize fashion and jewellery shows, find the „Face” of the company, write articles and provide media monitoring, position the company and its leader in the target medium, write, design and produce broschures and leaflets, copywrite slogans, and do media monitoring activity.


What all crises have in common is that no one can predict them that quick reaction is neccessary to cope with them. Furthermore they also bring about massive media interest.
Crisis PR is based on a well-founded organisation, on strict discipline and division of responsibilities in its implementation.

Change communication
Nothing is permanent, changes influence the daily life of companies too. Change communication means the organization of those communiation activites that become necessary beacuse of new outside influences which effect the organization, or because a sudden alteration happens in a copmany’s external and internal conditions.

Internal PR
Internal PR is the building of mutual communication between a company’s management and its empoyees, and the managing of the information flow which is a leverage of the increase of efficinecy. To facilitate successful communication we compose internal newsletters and broschures, too.

No one is a born public speaker, however we help you to become one. Along our media training program we coach company leaders how to handle the media. Our trainings are conducted by the leading Hungarian Tv presenters and personalities. We help the participants handle the interview situations, perform at press conferences and also answer the embarrassing questions.

An image film shows a general picture of a company/institution, introduces the most important values, company leaders and results. It is also a means of trust building. It also makes the voice of the company leaders and the employees heard. It develops togetherness, and it’s also a measure of trust building. An image film can be screened at company events and press conferences as well.   

In addition to networked strategies, engaging the emotions of your target group is of course a key to success.
An event does not only have to be well organised, it also has to be an experience that makes a lasting and positive impression on the target group. It also allows you to address people directly and very personally.
In accordance with our integrated approach, we see events as part of a holistic communication strategy and combine them with all other measures into an effective communications mix. Because you can only achieve sustainable success with your target groups when your event is well coordinated with your other communication activities.
We are experienced in organising press conferences, press breakfasts, round table talks, conferences, road shows, sports programmes, VIP parties, gala dinners, business forums, open days, charity events, marketing events for sales promotion, Christmas and New Year’s Parties, and company presentations as well.

Addressing and arousing needs through emotional and informative messages with the objective of moving consumers to action is the essence of advertising. This area of communication can have a unexpectedly great effect and influence on people. One of the primary objectives of advertising is attracting attention, while the objective of PR is to provide detailed information, including background information and also to build trust towards a company or organisation.
As part of our integrated communications approach, we also offer advertising services, but only when they are sensible in the overall communication package and aid the achievement of your communication goals. We assess advertising according to a single criterion: effect. Attractive advertising is certainly pleasant to look at, but it’s the effect that counts. We focus on media and billboard campaigns.